The Home of Veggie Athletics

This set of barely connected to each other sentences will tell a rare reader about the place where our blog begins…😉

And here we are: a small Cossack village Varenikovskaya (we call it Varenik-sky) in the Krasnodar region of Russia.

I moved here in 2014 looking for a warm and sunny place to live ☀☺
We do usually get some snow in January, once or twice, but already in March it gets up to 70 degrees, and you don’t know how to deal with that 100 degrees heat in the summer, trying to cool off in the sea or the spring-water pool. By the way, the Black Sea is only 30 minutes drive from us, and the pool is even closer – right in the backyard, next to the bathhouse.


Sometimes we hear the hedgehog, who lives somewhere here behind the bathhouse, coming out and rustling. My good friend once suggested the the hedgehog might be the backyard supervisor here, and who knows, he might actually be… 😉
Meanwhile, we all know what a great positive recovery effect a cold spring-water in the pool might bring if we put our legs into it for about 12-15 minutes and that is what we do 🙂

The heat and the sun is almost everything that is needed for a plentiful harvest, which our area is famous for. So… ready, set, go: traditionally, the first one in the arena is strawberry – already in May we enjoy this juicy sweet yummy.😋 The cherries, which we have 3 trees of, go next, together with the red and blackcurrant, and gooseberry. Big sweet peaches, plums, and apricots are right after them ☺

This all in our own backyard – sounds like a heaven for a vegan😉 )

And next, attention here please… we’ve got a huge watermelon field right next to our village !🍉
We are not the owners, but we have a chance to buy the watermelons almost for free! We drive there just about 1 mile and pack our Peugeot Boxer minibus with ripe watermelons, so there is enough of them until October.
Indeed, there is nothing tastier than a watermelon! In the summer, this is pretty much all I eat 😋🙂

We also have grape, pears, hazelnuts, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and many other fruit and vegetables growing in our own garden 🙂

I now live in a small house, right next to my Coach, and truly, I have everything I need here for a healthy eating and a productive training.
As it is common for Russia, our local government officials found a way to steal some money from the budget to their personal uses, and so, instead of the standard 400 meters track with a softer surface as it is written and signed in the project estimate and the contract, they have built us a 378 meters track with a lot firmer track surface. But complaining would be odd though, because we DO have an outdoor track now and it is free of snow 363 days a year, which makes it a very special track facility for a country like Russia.


If it gets too cold and windy however, we do also have a nice new 200 meters banked indoor track with a Mondo track surface just about 30 miles drive from us. We have a chance to practice there for free and must thank our Krasnodar region Ministry of Sport for this.

Also, my Coach and I have built a small gym right next to the house, in the backyard. We have laid a concrete basement, a roof out of the corrugated sheet metal, put up convertible plastic sheds for the walls, and have put linoleum and rug on the floor. We have put some exercise machines in there, a barbell, a medicine ball, an exercise ball, a resistance band – pretty much all the devices needed to improve one’s running qualities.


We also keep growing: we are planning to have a home-made underwater treadmill, an ice-machine, a cryo-chamber, and perhaps our own indoor track right in the backyard one day 😉🙂

There is a plenty of places to run around here. One can go along the Kuban’ river, run into the fields where it is soft and flat, run on the sidewalks on pavement, do some short steep or long and graduate incline hills. We also have a sleeping volcano in a forest not far away from here, we drive there and run in the woods sometimes 🌲🏃🌲🍃 while the Coach is gathering mushrooms 🍄

This, and a lot more – in our future blog entries  🐰


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