1-st week of veggie_miles (log)

After the Cup of Russia on July 22, I took a very long break from any physical activity. I hadn’t ran for a month and a half at all!

I swam in the sea, sunbathed, basked in the sea-sand and so on 😜

In the mid August I began exploiting the bike machine that we’ve got in our small gym, and I also did some back squats – 3 sets of 12 repeats with a 60 pounds total weight (not a lot, I know 😊 )

And that was about it 😉

During such a long break I really missed running, I wanted to get back into running and to start exercising again. There were days when I was simply overflown with energy. I could not find a place for myself, there was so much energy and expectations about getting back into running that I felt like when I finally start running again the energy burst will be something like a supernova kind of thing!

And so, finally, on September 1st, I went for my first run in a while, and heroically ran 7 miles at 10 minutes per mile pace with the average heart rate of 147 beats per minute 😊😩😇

This was all I got, sorry 😊

One better not to take long breaks, it is going to be hard to come back.

This first day of running felt so bad for me though, that I had to take two more days off and only after this I finally got into persistent training.

I attach my first week training log: 4-10

and we keep going further 🙂

Everybody have a good run today !


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