Barbarism in the 21-st Century (Part-1)

This is 2-part long read about me being attacked with a knife by Caucasians right during my practice. It has nothing to do with running, it is just here to express my feelings.


We have achieved a significant level of scientific progress today. Being an athlete, I have lots of different smart gadgets to help me control and improve the quality of my training. I can, for example, run on a trail and my watch connecting through GPS and using its heart rate sensor will tell me how far I have gone, how fast I am going and what is my current and average heart rate. I can connect through Wi-Fi on my smartphone to the internet and immediately share my practice data with the other runners. Amazing, isn’t ? And by doing so one is helping others by the way. Truly, technology keeps moving forward to make our life even more comfortable and to help people better themselves.

I learned recently, however, that even that high level of technology does not always mean comfort and safety in our daily life. In the same little forest where I did my practice with this amazing devise I have just written about, there also a dark-ages barbarism exist.

This little forest is not far away from us and we drive there once or twice a week to use its nice soft hills that are situated right in the middle of it.

On that day, we were there doing some drills and strides up-hill, when a group of ahorse people walked by. They were on an excursion ride to a nearby volcano and we moved to the side of the hill to let them pass by. However, as soon as they reached the top of the hill their two guides turned them around and they walked back again making us move. There is another similar hill right next to ours, so we moved there, but we soon found the group riding their horses on our new hill again making us move. It was enough for me, and I ask one of the guides politely whether they could move to some other roads in the forest, since there are so many of other roads out there and since we are using this particular hill to practice for just about 1 hour. He ignored my question giving me a contemptuous look. Him and another guide soon began racing each other up and down our hill on their horses literally almost riding over us screaming and whistling like those ancient Cumans during an invasion.

We tried to complete the exercises manipulating between them. Finally, when they were again slowly riding downhill with the group I looked at the guide who ignored my question in the beginning, and he looked at me too. We kept looking to each other for a while, when he finally shouted defiantly: «What a f..k are you looking at?»

We got into a short argument with him and I left to complete my next stride uphill. When I was jogging back down from the hill though, I saw two of them rushing towards me and yelling something. As soon as they had approached me one of them took a knife out and they began treading me from both sides with their horses. I was very, very surprised indeed, I could not even think that here, at my home, right during a practice I will have to face such barbarian behavior and I also got very scared. I receded to the sides not letting them to surround me. I then asked whether they are so brave only because there are two of them ahorse and with a knife ? They kept cursing me and finally on of them attacked me throwing his horse straight at me. I jumped aside and then jumped deeper into the forest and kept backing up, the one with a knife followed me and the other stayed on the road to follow us along the road. It was hard for the assaulter to follow me in the forest on his horse, so he gave up and returned back to the road. I ran across the forest and decided to go see their business owner to resolve the issue. I wanted to talk to the owner of their horse-riding excursions business and ask why I am being attacked with a knife by two horse riders right in the middle of practice in a forest right next to my house?

I ran to their farm but when I was almost there, I saw these two brave knights rushing to stop me. They approached me quickly and again began cursing me and threatening to kill me if I go to their business owner now and tell him anything. They pushed me with their horses and I was backing up. I defeated into the field where the surface is bumpy and I was almost falling while backing up. I knew that if I do fall, they will jump off the horses and might kill me, I did my best not to fall. There were tourists in some visible distance away from us, and I screamed twice for help, appealing to them. They heard me, but ignored and did nothing. At a moment, a guy with a knife decided to stop this and again drove his horse straight into me trying to make me fall. I jumped aside. Then I made a move towards my right, he reacted moving his horse to the left, and then I abruptly sprinted in the opposite direction towards the nearby bushes in the wood. That made him lose some time and let me escape, but he immediately rushed after me. He almost caught me right before I jumped into the bushes where his horse could not go. I ran deep into the forest and in a couple minutes I saw some other tourists fishing on a pound. I asked them to call the police. The first couple, a man and his wife, told me they are not local and cannot call. I ran further along the pound and asked another couple to call the police. They said we are not locals but saw me being scared and my clothe being dusty and decided to help me. They called the police and left. I was standing there near the pound, waiting for the police to come, but soon saw one of my assaulters coming from the farm towards me. I was afraid they now know where I am and are going to surround me now to catch. At this moment I caught myself thinking: «why did I even think that I can trust their business owner?» – as he is also Caucasian, just like the assaulters are. I knew and remembered that Caucasians like to cut-off the heads of Russians in case of a conflict. There are plenty of examples that they do that. That was on my mind and I was scared. I did not want to get my head cut off for literally nothing. I decided to run away from that place before they surround and catch me. I was literally scared to death. I did not want to die for such a stupid purpose, or for even no purpose at all let’s say. I ran deeper into the forest looking for a road to my village, I knew there is one. Finally, I found a road and thought that was it. I kept running it for a long time, when it started branching and it got dark outside. I got lost. I found myself lost, tired and cold in a forest and fields. I was tired and not able to run any more, my feet were hurting. I started walking, looking for a way to get out of the woods. I kept wandering in the forest for bout 3 hours when I eventually found a small village on top of a hill. I knew what that village was and I knew how to get home from there. I found the road home and started walking it. I tried to stop cars, but since it was dark nobody would take me. I kept trying to stop cars for about 15-20 minutes but then decided not to waste time and just keep going. I ran sometimes, but mostly walked because my feet were burning by that time. At that moment there was only one thing that could make things go worse… and it happened! – a sub-tropical pouring rain caught me in the road. I was walking alone, tired, wet and freezing, scared to death 4 hours ago, and very offended. A1 or 2 cars would pass by about every 3-5 minutes, and they saw me, but for 8 miles that I had been on my way home, none of them had stopped.

I finally got home and saw my coach who was very scared and worrying. He gave me a glass of home-made vine to get warm, and not get a flu. He told me that they were looking for me, he called the police and cossacks to come to the farm, but it was when I had already left. We exchanged the stories and I fell asleep.

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