Barbarism in the 21-st century (Part-2)

On the next morning after this horrible story, I went to the local police office, hoping to get some help. I had the story typed on a sheet of paper with me. The very first moment the police realized that I am that guy who called them yesterday, they started yelling at me. They did not read my typed story, nor they even listened to me.

One officer said right away: «you are the lier!» as soon as I told them about a knife.

He accused me in lying about the knife, he said that there was no knife and he told me that I am a lier many times. I asked him why would I lie and why is he accusing me in lying even though he does not even know me as a person? He did not answer, he left the room and I kept sitting on a chair. There were 3 officers who kept coming in and out of the room, talking about something else, and from time to time asking me questions and telling me how I was wrong. There was also one of the cossacks there. As a side-note: the cossacks still have a legal right to enforce the law in the Kuban River area that I live in, they have almost the same privileges as the police officers. These guys historically hate the Caucasians and he was the only one who took my words seriously. He suggested us all just go to the farm right now and beat up the Caucasians. He even took a metal bar that was there in a corner and showed me how I should had taken a stick and beat those caucasians on their heads. I took his advice into the consideration, but I would rather bring a law case against them to a court and let the judge to decide. I was attacked with a knife and I was threatened to be killed. This along could make the assaulters to face up to 5 years in jail.

At a moment, the officer who accused me in lying came into the room again and said:

«Ok. We will accept your plea now and open up a case, and you will be tested on a polygraph right now».

I immediately agreed and said: «yes, let’s do it».

I swear to God,  that there was a knife, and I am ready to say it on a polygraph to prove that I am not lying. If there was no knife, I would not even thought about running away.

As I understood later, the officer was just trying to scary me by saying that my statements will be tested on a polygraph. He thought that I am lying and that I will refuse to be tested on a polygraph, but I was not lying and I agreed immediately to be tested. I then suggested that the assaulters also be tested on a polygraph and we will see what the polygraph shows us when they say that there was no knife.

The officer refused that, saying: «they do not have to undergo a polygraph test, they can refuse it if they want».

Then, he stood up and left the room again, suggesting me to wait a little until another officer comes. I waited in the room for half an hour, when finally another, a new to me, officer came in. He gave me a look like if I made him do something he really doesn’t like to be doing, which is actually his job. He asked me what is going on and began arguing my words immediately after I began telling my story. He started reading my story out loud, commenting almost every sentence and flipping it around like if it was me who was doing something wrong, and like it was me who was the one to blame. For example, when he read the sentence about that we were running up the hill, and the horse riders began racing each other there, he said:

«Well, do you know that they also have a specific route which they have to follow?»

I said: «yeas I agree, but…»

and he started reading out some other sentences from my paper not letting me to finish talking or say anything. I wanted to say that of course they do have a specific route which they follow, but there was no reason to race each other right next to us practicing, especially when they had been asked not to. There was also no reason to threat me with a knife after all!

This was on my mind, but the officer wouldn’t let me tell anything. He kept reading my paper and flipping everything upside down, to show me that I will not have any success here. I was sitting quietly already regretting that I came there.

When he finished reading, he asked me: «So, what do you want from us»?

At that point I already understood that I will not get any help from the police and just wanted to live that place.

I said: «I just want your advice Sir, I was threatened with a knife in the middle of my practice, and I came here to ask you what should I do? I do not have money for a good lawyer, but I want to ask you whether you can help me to protect my rights? Please, advise me, what should I do»?

He said: «well, since nobody saw a knife except you, you will not be able to prove it. We can open up a case, but you will have no success. Or, we can go there to the farm right now and talk to the assaulters»

It seemed like a miracle to me! I thought he is indeed trying to help me, and said:

«yes, let’s go there»!

What I thought is that: if we go there right now, the officers will search through the assaulters’ personal belongings and will find the very same knife that I described. That along would be an indirect proof that the assault was indeed conducted with a knife.

Then, the officer stood up and called somebody, unlike while talking to me, he was very polite while talking to the person on the phone. It was clear that he was calling someone he knows well, and someone who is superior to him. I then realized he was calling to the owner of that farm and gave him a warning that we were about to come. He literally asked the permission for us to come.

That was it. In a second I lost all my hope that I will get any help from these people here.

First of all, I understood that he has some sort of personal relationship with the owner of that farm. I now assume, that he has already promised to the farm owner that everything will be alright, and he might have already taken a bribe from the business owner.

That is how it usually works in Russia, and I knew that it works like that, I had not illusions about our law enforcement system whatsoever on the first place. But I decided to go there and open up a case against the assaulters because that was my duty as a citizen.

The police officers take bribes and bandits get away with anything. Most of the people wouldn’t even go to police if they were me, but I felt like I had to. I had hope that they will bring judgement and the bandits will go to jail. I was so naive.

At the moment I felt horribly hopeless and painful. I almost went off crying. I could not understand why my country functions that way. I could not understand why a person who has always been a patriot, a person who has returned back home out of love to Homeland after living in the United States for 5 years, a person who devotes his life to so that one day a national anthem of Russia would sound to the whole world from an Olympic Stadium… why that person became so unwanted in his own country?

I felt miserable and hopeless. I got angry at the same time though, and when the officer stopped talking on the phone, I told him confidently:

«you know what, Sir? I am not going anywhere with you! You have just called the assaulters and gave them an advance notice that we are coming. You are trying to make peace with the gangs, but I am not going to make peace with these people, they are barbarians! I got you Sir! Thank you! But I do not need your help any more!»

He said angrily: «why do you call them barbarians? They are not barbarians! This is you stereotype about the Caucasians!»

I said that I have no stereotypes about the Caucasians whatsoever!

«How do you call them barbarians then?» – he shouted.

I said: «I judge these specific people by their specific actions! I do not make any generalizations here. Assaulting an unarmed man with a knife while on a horse is a barbarism! And I do not care whether they are Caucasians or Russians or whoever else they might be! The action they did – is a barbarism and they are therefore barbarians!»

At this moment I took the paper which I brought with me from their table and left. Half a minute later one officer rushed after me and asked me what is that paper I took from the table? I said that it is my paper that I brought with me. He said: «let me take a look».

I gave it to him, he turned around and left. I walked back home putting a lot of effort not to start crying on a street. I thought about this situation on and on, I could not stop thinking about it.

It upsets me a lot that my country is like that. These people do not enforce the law, the only law in Russia is the law of power and money. The police takes bribes and the gangs do whatever they want. When you are in trouble – there is nobody to help you. I want to be a good citizen and a patriot of my country, but my country does not need me.I got assaulted by barbarians and nobody helped me. All I can do now is to blog about it here, expressing myself.

I really do not have any prejudice or stereotypes against Caucasians. I learned in school about many Caucasians that were heroes during the WW-II. I admired them. I also spent a lot of time in Caucasus-mountains for my altitude training. I lived in small villages with locals, there are nice people there. Nobody ever assaulted me with a knife or otherwise. I have some friends who are Caucasians – they are all good people too. I did not at all put any accent on the ethnical belonging of the assaulters, there was not a single word about it in my paper that I typed to describe the story. The officer was the one who actually brought it up first, not me. I did not call all the Caucasian people barbarians, that was his stereotypical thinking, not mine. I called barbarians these particular people for their particular action of attacking me in such way.

I believe that a person who committed a crime must face the Court and be judged, regardless of his social status and sociological characteristics. This story could easily be called a cross-ethnical conflict, but I do not want it to be one. I want all nationalities, big and small, live in piece together. And to make this possible, there must be a superior power of law above everything, and the law must be enforced. Unfortunately this is absolutely not the case with Russia.

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