1′ on / 1′ off

I went for a run this morning and began feeling exhausted again. That whole story really is taking a lot of my energy. I am thinking about it too often 😦

Nevertheless, I run every day and running even makes me feel better

The weather is awesome today – around 85 degrees sunny and some nice and fresh wind 😜

I ran to the track, added 1 more mile on the track and then took my singlet off and did the workout only in short tights.

I ran the first 1′ on a little too fast – got like 370 meters in 1 minute, got my HR up to 180, oops… but then I took everything straight and under control and hit the desirable HR zone of 160 on the fast 1 minute and 135 on the slow 1 minute.

And yet, sometimes I was hitting the 165-170 HR for the last 20-30 meter of the fast 1 minute  😊

The 1 minute off were very slow – slower then 10 minutes/mile, but my main goal was to recover to 130, and not pay much attention to the pace. 

Overall, it was a pretty good workout, much better than the last week 😉

After the run I started feeling a lot better and happier, run makes you feel better for sure. I went to the garden and cut off some cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, some lettuce and made a salad dressing this all with creamy avocado 😋

6 miles easy in the evening and we call a great running day! 🙂 

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