3-d week of veggie_miles (log)

This week we continued to slowly getting back into running after a long summer break. I have done two short workouts this week, one developing run at a Marathon pace, one long hiking with a watermelon in my back-pack and two jumps/plyometrics workouts. I also experienced an unexpected escalation of patriotic feelings and citizen activism of mine.

On Sunday, for the first time in my life, I voted and did not screw up the ballot. Even though a pouring rain was outside, I was “voluntarily forced” to go and play a role in the political life of our country, as it is always the case in Russia, otherwise I would be fired.

Right after this, I ran to the track and did a 1’ on / 1’ off session,  which was pretty good.

On Monday I went to a local police office – and this was one of my most silliest decisions ever. There, my status of a victim as I thought of myself was quickly and easily changed to a suspect for a “false statement” to a police officer, as they thought of me.

And so I decided that it is about the time to go somewhere for a training camp, preferably somewhere far away from home, so neither the police, nor the barbarians are able to come and get me.

In the evening I did a good developing 4 miles run and it turned out to be even better than the one I did last week.

Not a bad jumps/plyometrics workout on Tuesday and a watermelon-hiking on Wednesday.

A first kind of «long run» on Friday and I finish this week with a 100m/100m on Saturday, after which I take a bus to Krasnodar and catch a flight to Kyrgyzstan, which is a boarder country to Russia with some high mountains.

Going to altitude! Yeah 🙂

I attach the training log with more details on this week training.

Veggie-Miles: 18-24

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