My first day in karakol

I have already written how I made it to Karakol, and now I will tell you about the place a little bit.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the way I usually choose a hotel room is easy. I sort the options by price from lowest to highest, and then I choose a hotel by pictures that I like the most. This was also the case this time. The hotel I chose was one of the cheapest, but I liked the pictures of it. It turned out to be indeed the best place in the whole city! I literally could not imagine a better place to stay. It is amazing where your own intuition can take you sometimes 😉

There are lots of running routes within a mile away from me, but I will talk about running routes later.

The hotel has a very ingenious name for this area – «Issyk-Kul» – who would have thought 😉😀

It is situated in a small park, at the highest part of the town on Masaliev street.

It is only 2 miles to Karakol Canyon from here and about 5 miles to a ski resort 🏂


I came here by taxi in late evening and the lady at the reference desk called my name right away and welcomed me. My reservation did go through and everything was OK. She took my passport and gave me the key. It was really quick. In a minute I was in my room.

It is very nice and comfortable here. I have a two person  room with a big balcony, but I am the only one in it. In fact, I am the only person in the whole hotel so far, I guess this is because the skiing season hasn’t started yet.

There is everything one would need in the room – a TV, a Wi-Fi, shower and bathroom, a small refrigerator…


The lady from the reference desk is also the housekeeper, she is also the cook and the tour-guide. I wont be surprised if she is the owner of this place at the same time 😄

She is nice, she served me a breakfast and she is always asking whether I need anything else. The breakfast was good – as a vegan I asked her to make porridge with no milk and cut some fruit and vegetables, and she did so for me. I got my porridge, cucumbers, tomatoes and apples cut on a plate.

For all this I pay 7$ per night. A reasonable price.

At home, I heard stories from athletes that when you go to Kyrgyzstan, the heart rate gets up to 140 when you just start walking! 😄

And to be honest, I believed those stories 😊 

So I had a plan to only walk for the first week until I get adjusted to the altitude.

I went for a walk after breakfast. I crossed a little creek and it only took me to walk out of the little park I live in, for the beautiful mountains to appear right in front of me. They were so close, seemed like I could reach them with my hand. So I did not think twice to head that way.


I soon reached the Canyon entrance and the security guard asked me to pay the entrance fee. It was not a lot – only 50 som (little less then a dollar), but I had not a penny in my pockets and I said:

«50 som! Oh wow… that’s quite expensive…»

Even though we both knew it was not 😊

He asked me where I am from and we talked a little bit after which he let me in for free 🙂

It was very nice of him. God bless this generous man!

I must say that already in Bishkek I noticed how most of the Kyrgyz people are so nice. They are very polite and friendly. They seem to be very kind and unsophisticated.

So I reached the mountains soon. And I don’t even know how to pick epithets for such beauty. In the moments like this I regret that my vocabulary is very limited, I simply won’t be able to describe this.  And I do not have a good photo camera either, only my phone 😞

I do not know how to express the feelings, but people who have ever been to the mountains higher than 6000ft will understand me and my feelings here.

The mountains stand like this  for thousands of years and they are indeed huge. Perhaps that feeling that they give us is the sense of eternity. Something that is a lot bigger and a lot «long-lasting» then we are. Looking at the mountains, one perhaps has that feeling of how small he is and his life problems are, relative to this eternity and majesty of the mountains.

Looking at such beauty, which was created by some superior power, one could sense it how small and weak he is, compared to that power.

After all, one can simply enjoy the views and experience big aesthetic pleasure.

Perhaps that what was on my mind, but it is hard to express 😉


I walked a little more, crossed a river by bridge, noticed some soft hills potentially for my future training and got back to town.


Lastly, even though I was walking up the mountain at least half of the way, my heart rate did not get any higher that 100, so the stories about walking and 140 heart rate were just an exaggeration 🙂

I feel great,  I might even  try and go for an easy jog tomorrow 🙂

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