4-th week of veggie_miles (log)

So, this is the 4-th week of my running this year after a long break in the summer and the first week in 6000ft altitude city Karakol, Kyrgazstan.

I set quite simple goals for this week:

  1. Get adjusted to the altitude
  2. Get used to new running conditions
  3. Find running routes

The goals were not hard (especially if you notice that the number 1 and 2 goals are essentially the same) and I accomplished them easily.

I controlled my heart-rate rigorously under 140 beats per minute this week. I felt like going a little faster all the time, but the heart-rate would not let me.

I did some hiking this week 🚶 and some easy runs. It turned out that I have a racecourse right next to my hotel 🏇 , even though as a vegan I disapprove the racecourses and its competitions, I used it as a running place for myself almost all week. There were no horse-riders there, the course must be given up.

I began feeling a lot better by the end of the week, I even did sort of a long run on Saturday 💪

You can see my training log here: 25-1

and I continue my HATC at a beautiful and colorful city of Karakol  on the 6000 ft. above the sea level 😛



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