6-th week of veggie_miles (log)

It was a good week.

It began with a long run, and then I did two days of developing runs at a pace close to my Threshold. I also did two days of uphill jumps work and uphill short strides.

I also attended a history museum this week, which I enjoyed a lot. I learned lots of new things about Karakol and Issyk-Kul region. Apparently, there are many historical things around here – petroglyphs, runic-like and arabic writings on the stones, and other. Also, there was a photo-exhibition of Ella Maillart and her travel through the Soviet Turkestan (which was the name of this place where I am right now before the fall of the Soviet Union) in the museum. I liked the exhibition a lot, it was very interesting to see how this place looked like half a century ago. 


I also went to a lab this week and gave my blood to test it.

My hemoglobin now is 166, which is a good value compared to my 145-150 average on the sea level.

We call it a good week and continue working further 🙂

I plan to add a little more milage in the 160 HR next week and increase the total milage a little too. 

And I attach the training log, of course: 9-15

Everybody have a good run!

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