Running routes in Karakol

I have already wrote about how to get to Karakol town and about my first day here, and today I will tell you more about the running routes in the town 🏃

The city is situated on the 5500 – 6200 ft above the sea level and there are almost no flat places here. Every road goes either up or down.
On the Masaliev street there is an abandoned racecourse 🏇
There is a 2.2 km soft and almost flat loop there with a slight ascent though. I have used it many times in my training while here and I saw people riding horses here only a couple times. There are people running there on the evenings and it is a good facility to use for a run.
There are countless soft roads in the fields and in the mountains all around the city. These roads can be used for distance runs or for the hills workouts, uphill strides, drills, or jumps with either a very steep 60-80 meters hill or 100-600 meters hills which are not so steep, whichever you prefer.
There are at least 3 small parks in the town, and each of them is good for running. One of them is 1200 meters cinder loop going on the outside of the park with a little forest on the inside. One straightaway is about 500-600 meters with a slight up-hill and another is a corresponding downhill. That is a very good track for workouts such as long intervals for example.
For long runs I used a bypass road which goes above the town and has a pavement + some gravel surface. There are no cars there at all, it looks abandoned but is good for running.
There is a steep uphill first 2 miles and then a gradual downhill for another 3.5 miles. And then you can turn around and do the opposite.
Also, one can use numerous roads around the town and make as many miles on them as she/he needs to, hopefully with a GPS watch to see the distance.
There is also a decent outdoor track in the town, but since I was there for a pre-base period of training I never used it. I ran on it only once just to get a touch of it and I must say that it is good, the surface is soft enough and the quality of it is OK. Plus, this is indeed the only flat place in the town.
The other two parks that I have already talked about are right next to the track. The loop in the parks is about 800 meters and the surface is asphalt + soft pathways. They are good for a warm-up before a workout on the track or for a morning shake-out or an evening recovery jog.
After all, the upper part of town has a very few people and cars and it is good for running right on the town streets. I have done so many times too. If you run down the road in town you can get about 2 miles one way, then turn around and this is already half of the evening recovery run done.
I must add though that this will all be useless if you come in the late fall or in the winter because when it is snowing here the soft roads turn into a slippery dirt + water, there is snow in the parks and on the track and the town roads are slippery too. I think it will be extremely hard to run here in the winter.
Overall, I would put a 10/10 to this wonderful town for the running routes, but only if you come in the summer or in the early fall/late spring.
Karakol will be waiting for you to come for a running camp, but not in the winter ☺

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