8-th week of veggie_miles (log)

Can vegans stand a cold weather at all ?

Unfortunately, the weather brought in some corrections into the training this week. Instead of repeating the previous week one more time, I had to take this week easy. It was snowing 3 days straight and it was awfully cold. It would not be smart to practice full effort in such conditions and risk to get injured or sick. And I didn’t 🙂


For the last 7 years living in sub-tropical climate I got used to a warm weather, and snowing cold days are not my favorites now.

I absolutely do not like them. I would enjoy of course walking around the decorated city streets on a Christmas eve, but only if I am dressed up warm and do not have to run. Running in such weather is a torture for me though 😦

I lose all the motivation and do not want to work if it is cold outside. I start to think about getting one of those professional treadmills to use it in the winter months. I understand it cannot fully replace the actual running outside, but on the days like this week I would not think twice between a treadmill and running on a snow in such cold.

So, I did only one day of jumps work this week, and the 2.5 miles at T-pace in the middle of a distance run turned to a 2.5 miles only at M-pace 😦

I therefore decided that it is about the time to move to a warmer place and I moved to Bosteri village. It is almost the same altitude here, just a little lower, but the weather is a lot nicer and warmer.

There are also a plenty of fruit on the local bazaar which are just as cheap too 🙂

I will continue my training camp here now.

I attach the training log for the 8-th week of training here: 23-29

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