9-th week of veggie_miles (log)

This was a good working week!

I managed to get a long run in, a tempo run @ T-pace, some long intervals, did some short and long up hill runs.

The milage got to a 100 miles too, which is almost a good working milage 😉

I did not do the jumps this week, but I added the squats to my regular daily routine.

I do 3 sets of 30 squats just with my body weight before the morning run everyday. I also increased the number of calf raises to strengthen the calf muscles.

I got my blood tested this week, the hemoglobin is 154, which is a good number.

The weather is getting worse 😒

I still do the daily HR check every morning. Based on these numbers and on my subjective feelings my body is getting with all this work just fine so far.

So, we keep working now @ Bosteri HATC 😉💪🏻


I attach the 9-th week training log here: 30-5

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