11-th week of veggie_miles (log)

Another good week done 💪🏻

  • Over a 100 miles in total
  • 1 tempo run
  • 1 long intervals workout
  • 1 jumps workout
  • 1 long hill workout
  • 1 short  (200m) intervals workout
  • 1 progressive long run

And here I started thinking: am I not working too hard 🤔? I mean, may be this is too much? This question is bothering me a lot every day.


It looks like I am not doing anything too serious right now really, but my HR is getting too high sometimes and I have felt pretty loaded the whole week. On some certain workouts I even felt like I am overworking and putting too much effort. I am afraid to catch the overtraining like I did last year, as it is very easy to do here, on the altitude.

I do not have a device to measure my Lactate level during the workout and I broke my HR sensor watch recently too, so it is very hard to find the right pace and effort for me right now.

In addition, I ate something bad and got spoiled at the end of the week, I was throwing up the whole night 🤒🤕😖. I am not sure what was wrong, but I felt awful🙁.

Anyways, we decided to go to an independent lab in town with my friends on Saturday and gave our blood to have it tested. I tested my hemoglobin level, my iron level and some other tests to see how my heart, liver and kidneys get over with all the work. All the results were just OK, somewhere about average, so it shows that I am working well and should not be overtrained at this point 😌.

I also called my coach on Saturday who is in Russia and he also said that the work we are doing right now is not too intense. He encouraged me to keep working. He calmed me down, he is very wise and a very good person❤️ 

And so we keep moving forward and keep working hard 💪🏻👊🏻!

Veggie_Miles @ Bosteri HATC

I attach the detailed training log: 13-19

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