12-th week of veggie_miles (log)

I spent this whole week with my friends from Rocket Science Project.

We found a lot in common including our strong belief in the clean sport, and the fight for it, which we have recently started. I wrote more about the doping usage in Russia and my opinion on it in my blog: Doping in Russia.

We all signed the cleansportco pledge on the cleansport.org. We also started a «mustache dance challenge» among the Russian athletes – we drew mustache to each other and a cleansportco symbol on our hands, and we all did silly dances with it, to attract the public attention to the company.

As for the training – this week was a hard one for me. I think I have overtrained in the past couple of weeks. I also feel like I have got an asthma – it is very hard to breath sometimes on the runs. I just start running and feel like there is just not enough air even if I run at a recovery pace. I am not going to take any medicine though, so not to raise any doping questions about it. I am just going to take it a little easier – decrease the volume and intensity of my training.

I did 1 tempo run this week

1 short hill sprints

1 long interval workout

I also added some hamstring exercises this week and gonna keep doing these from now on. I took it easier this week in terms of strength work though, did almost nothing.

I have had a lot of stress this week with the doping issue and our fight for clean sport. I had to talk with some athletes who are not on our side and who poured a lot of negative emotions on us because of our position for clean sport. One of the guys who are not on our side even came to us and wanted to bit up one of my friends who stands for clean sport. This was a tough situation which is still going on. It is hard for us, but we are going to stand for our beliefs.

Anyways, I felt very stressed on Thursday, barely managed to sleep at night and did a Friday workout being very stressed and tired. It was a hard workout for me.
I decreased the milage this week a lot and this week was sort of a recovery one in terms of milage and intensity.

The weather got so bad at the end of the week and my friends left home too, so I am feeling lonely now.


This is the end of my second month at the altitude and I have got one more month left here.

More details on this week in my log: 20-26

And we keep on going disregarding the snow and the dirty dopers on our way.

#Veggie_Athletics  #Rocket_Science  @ Bosteri HATC

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