13-th week of Veggie_Miles (log)

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

It is good to see that some of our haters are already going from “ignoring” to “laughing” and even to “fighting”.

This means we are on the right track. We gonna keep on going and one day we will win.


As for the training,

we had some snow in the beginning of this week, which I absolutely hate. It was cold and nasty. I was even thinking about getting into the indoor track, but then I realized that there is no indoor track here. So I had to keep on running outside.

I think I overtrained last couple of weeks and so at the beginning of this week I rigorously decided not to overwork and take it easy this week and enjoy the runs. And so I did.
Before every workout I was telling myself: «Take it easier, Andrey. Do not go all out today, high intensity at the high altitude can lead to some bad consequences. Just start it easy and then gradually speed up if you are feeling like it».
And so, I hit the paces on all the workouts this week just perfectly! I really was able to find the ideal amount of effort to put into each run this week and enjoyed all of my runs. I felt great the whole week.

I also took off all the strength work. Just did not do any of it, even though I wanted sometimes.

I did not even notice how I got 106 miles in total this week. It felt easy.

The weather also got warmer by the end of the week and I love it. It is such a pleasure to run when you are not overworking and the weather is nice.

So, I keep on working and enjoy the training right now.
I run like 16 miles daily and it feels easy and not enough.

I attach the detailed training log for this week as usual: 27-3

Veggie_Miles @ Bosteri HATC 😜👊💪

with love for running and belief in clean sport 💙

#Vegan  #Run  #cleansportco  #anti_doping

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