14-th Week of Veggie_Miles (log)

  • 125 miles total milage (wow!!)
  • One all-out effort testing workout 2000m + 1000m
  • One speed workout 3 sets of 3*150m
  • Long interval workout


So, when I ran 106 miles (171km)  last week I asked myself: «Can I do 200km»?  (which is 125 miles). And I said to myself: «I am gonna do it next week».

This was kind of a very dumb and silly experiment of mine because I am not ready to run that much. I was very tired all week and motivation got to zero. I basically made myself to go for a run almost every day.

Moreover, I tried to do some fast interval workouts this week and obviously they did not go well. I regret 10 times during this week that I signed myself into this experiment.

I feel very comfortable doing fast workouts and recover well when I run about 80-90 miles per week. And it is good to get up to a 100 miles from time to time especially in the base period to build good base and endurance.

But maaan…, 125 is just way too much!

It was way over my capabilities. I do not know how do some runners do that.

Anyways, a hard week for me with lots of useless junk miles and some attempts of fast workouts.

I concluded that over 100 miles is certainly a very good training but only for those who can manage it and digest it. It should be about the quality, not the quantity. And the more is not necessarily the better.

Also, my whole body has been sore for the entire week like if I was doing heavy weight lifting which I wasn’t. I even stopped doing the regular strength routine in the second half of the week.

I will get back to about 100 miles next week and this is going to be my last micro-cycle here at the altitude.

I am going home soon 😉

Here is a detailed training log for this week: 4-10

Everybody be smart. Don’t get into stupid experiments with your training 🙂

#Run #Vegan #Run


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