A little bit of reflection on my post about doping

A little bit of reflection on my article about doping in Russia

(written originally in Russian on December 18, 2016)

This whole story turned out to be a fight against evil for me, and I have to admit that I am not quite sure who exactly is the evil yet…

This all began right after my emotional post about doping in Russia was noticed by many journalists and was reposted numerous times

It is well known that just like some athletes fall into a sin and use doping in their training, some readers fall into a sin and give the information under a different light or taken out of the original context, so to attract more attention to the article

From my point of view, there were certainly lots of different things in my article…

Emotions first of all, hopelessness, screaming for help, and naming the obvious things by their names…

In other words, just an attempt to reflect on the situation and to analyze what is going on

I really did not mean to go that far and to let the whole world know what I think. I just wanted to express my feelings and emotions in my blog and I shared it on my Facebook wall with my friends. It was important for me that the guys who ran with me while I was in the USA did not think that I am a doper and that I cheated on them

This subject is obviously very scrupulous, and that is perhaps why my blog with only 3 readers was noticed and the post spread out quickly

I know that not many people in Russia have read the article – it is not patriotic for a true Russian to learn English – «America is over soon» – they say, they would better admire Sergey Bodrov and «tear you into pieces» for Dasha Klishina (by the way her encryption number is A0363 in the Rodchenkov e-mails of the athletes caught on doping)

But to take a part of an article and reinterpret it in its own way – is pretty easy, all the athletes managed that well enough, good for them

The guesses about why I wrote all this and what was my purpose began quickly, many comments and personal messages poured onto me, some of them where positive and constructive, others – not so much. Some of them were quite aggressive and even turned to threats

There were also attempts to take out some «skeletons from my closet», to accuse me in some wrongdoings as well and on and on

I did not call anybody’s names, but it was funny to notice that my article triggered the most negative responses from exactly the people who are dopers and exactly the people I meant

The dopers know themselves

This was a good example of their guilty consciousness speaking

I used so many Russian proverbs here today, – true patriots know the folklore of its People well and are able to write in the native language almost without the mistakes, unlike the pseudo patriots, but ok, this is another story

I have read almost all the comments and personal messages. I must say that I was surprised to see more support and more positive comments than I could expect. I saw some constructive feedback and even support.

Many athletes and coaches contacted me after my article and gave their thoughts and estimations too.

And so, I rush to admit that the number 95% of the dopers was perhaps a little too high. It was my subjective and emotional guess.

By writing 95% in my first article I perhaps did very bad to those few clean athletes in Russia who are on the national team and who are indeed clean, and I truly believe that there are some. I hope they will be able to have a chance to compete abroad soon representing themselves as individual athletes.

Also, perhaps 95 or even 97 % would be a correct guess if we talk about the system it was a couple years ago or even a year ago

But it would be not right to say that we are so lost and hopeless now that the percentage hasn’t changed by now

My method to calculate the percentage was the same as they used to calculate the percentage on the new ARAF president election, and pretty much the same as they use on all the elections in Russia including the president and the parliament elections


I will admit 95% was might be a little to much, let it be 70 or 80%, but I won’t decrease my estimate any lower

But is it really about the exact number?

The exact number can be barely estimated because non of the athletes except very few have had enough courage to speak up

But it is obvious that there is a massive and systematic doping usage on all levels of track and field in Russia

I wrote things that are obvious for everybody in Russia: «Men han har jo ikke noget paa» 

but nobody wants to admit that publicly, only in personal conversations they all do

Anyways, soon I will find a time and reflect on this subject one more time, and I answer all the comments and personal messages including the very negative ones and the ones that are not of the same opinion with me, and I will explain my look at the problem in more details

But for now, I would like to take a moment and thank all the coaches who has ever worked with me that they were smart enough not to set me on a doping hook, to thank God that despite of being close to doping usage a couple of times, I have managed to avoid doing it myself, and to thank all the people who has showed their support to me in these difficult times.

Thank you all!



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