A little bit about Bosteri village

(this post was originally published in Russian on December 26, 2016)

I decided to write this due to a big number of requests to do so from all 3 of my constant readers 😉😉

So, Boosteri village in Kyrgyzstan …

One can make it here just as easy as to Karakol 

(well, at least the first part is going to be the same) ✈🚎🚘

You simply fly from Moscow to Bishkek international airport and than take a taxi cab or a public transportation

(And don’t forget to take a selfie with the most annoying taxi drivers in the world at the Bishkek airport – this is one of the Kyrgyzstan famous tourists attractions😆 😄 )

By the way, they say that new flights are about to be launched from Moscow to Bishkek which will be cheaper now ☺

Once you make it to the Bishkek bus station take a public minibus heading to Karakol or Cholpon-Ata

It will leave as soon as it is completely full and you will need to pay about 200 som for your seat

It will take you about 3-4 hours drive

If you decide to take a taxi cab it will be around 3000 som per car and will take you around 2,5-3 hours drive

The public mini-buses are comfortable, with soft seats

You will enjoy the views and a local sort of country music on the road

The other passengers will most likely be very kind and funny, just like most of the Kyrgyz people are

Do not be surprised to see someone taking his little goat or a big bag of apples with him on the bus 🐐 😄

In other words, I do insist you take the public mini-bus, not the private taxi cab

Cholpon-Ata is a small town half way the road from Bishkek to Karakol on the northern side of the Issyk-Kul lake

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to see any of the Cholpon-Ata attractions 😦 

I spent all my free time with my friends the first month, and been getting tired and fought doping the second moth

But I did go to the history museum though 😉😉 

The famous «Horseshoe» is located there in Cholpon-Ata


-It is a pretty good quality road of a horseshoe shape, almost flat, no hills, which makes it very convenient place for the workouts


Through the 2,5 km each 500m is marked, and the first 500m are marked  for each 100m

This is the place where most runners come to do their workouts

When leaving Cholpon-Ata driving to Karakol direction, the very last apartment building on your left is a lab, called «Bonetskiy Lab»

One can  have his blood tested there to check the hemoglobin level and all other variables

It is clean, comfortable and very nice in general, I would recommend it 

And you get the results on-line on the next day

It is about 12 miles drive from Cholpon-Ata to Boosteri

A public transportation mini-bus would drive you there for as low as 10 som

Half way the drive, you will see the Kapriz hotel on your right, where the Russian national track and filed team is traditionally always conducting its training camp

Those athletes who did not make it to the national team usually live in Boosteri village – a small village just about 5 miles away from Kapriz hotel

It is located almost on the Issyk-Kul lake shore, and so it is a very popular tourist destination in the summer as a sea resort

There is a number of apartment houses on Mamytov street where most of the apartments are for rent


The price in the winter is about 300 som per person, but you can even have the entire 1 bedroom apartment for yourself for as low as 300 som or even 250 som

The apartments are different

It can be anything from a pretty nice european style apartment with washing machine, wi-fi and nice furniture, to a Bulgakov Master-style basement or Raskolnikov’s tiny room

There are lots of running routes all around Boosteri village!


One can go any way he/she wants to – up to the mountains, flat pavement roads, packed mud country roads with hills, sandy beach or just run along the highway


There are loops of different length, short and long hills, packed grass track of 300m and the «horseshoe» is not far away too


If you come out to this intersection at about 10 am you will easily find a partner to run with


A big bazaar is functioning on Sundays – and that is when I could not be any more happier 🙂


So many different fruit and vegetables and all are pretty cheap


Apples – for as low as 20 som / 1kg

Mushrooms – for as low as 75!

Persimmon – 75!

Lots of fruit and vegetables almost for free 🙂

One can order a lunch + dinner from the owner of his apartment which will cost about 500-600 som per person per day

There are also hot mineral water springs not far from here where one could go by sharing a taxi with his friends

Overall, I liked here a lot  👍

I hope I will get a chance to come back here again one day, but I also know that there are lots of other good places in Kyrgyzstan to do your altitude training  – eco-tourism center Bokonbayevo, Kadzhi-Say village, or the deep-inside the country town of Naryn located on the 6500 feet above sea level  (2000m )

I bet I have forgotten something, but I will edit this post step by step once I have more information

I wish everybody a good run and come to Boosteri for your altitude training 🙂

Issyk-Kul lake 
Tyan’-Shan’ mountains
A soccer field 
300m packed grass track 
Soft roads around Bosteri

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