Cholpon-Ata Histroy museum

(published originally in Russian on December 26, 2016)

A tough training schedule and an active anti-doping role has been taking all my energy this past couple weeks

There lots of interesting places to go around Cholpon-Ata area to learn something new

A historical museum, an open air petroglyphs museum, a sand-made statues museum in downtown Cholpon-Ata, a cultural center Rukh Ordo in honor of Chingiz Aitmatov and other…

Unfortunately I haven’t visited any of this during my time here, which I regret a lot ((



And yet, I found a free hour in my schedule this last week before I leave and visited the History museum in downtown Cholpon-Ata


I love museums, one can always learn something new there

and this time wasn’t an exception for me too 🙂

So much of interesting information at a such a small place!

Very amusing expositions in each of the many subject halls

Of course we’ve got a traditional yurt here and some houseware

Musical instruments, weapon, artifacts that were brought up to the surface from the Issyk-Kul lake underworld, a very well done model of the lake and its surroundings,  photo expositions of modern history of Kyrgyzstan, Manas epos corner, Chigiz Aitmatov corner,  a Great Patriotic War corner, and many other…





I personally like the ethnography halls the most when I visit museums

I am just in LOVE with learning about different people and their ancient history

Where they take their origin from, how their people has grown through its history…  very interesting …

For example, I was excited to learn that Kyrgyz people are related to the Russian Khakas People!

And that they came here from Siberia from Enisey river region in 14-15 century!


It was also very interesting once again to trace the story of Kyrgyz people from leaving Siberia, through Manas Epos, through Mongols empire, Russian Empire and up till modern day scientists, writers and other notable people of Kyrgyzstan

Also, it always a special thing to read a visitors book at the museums

So many different languages here!

Russian, Kyrgyz, English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Farsi!

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

It is located on the famous silk way and is still being visited by thousands of travelers every year

I enjoyed the museum a lot

Will come back here one day again  🙂

Everybody must visit if you are here!

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