Bulatovs’ Memorial – First race

(Originally published in Russian on Jan.1, 2017)

In this post I will share my thoughts on my first competition this winter season…

I would like first of all thank the organization committee – everything was cool, as an athlete I liked everything, it was my first time participating in this competition and I enjoyed everything

I came to the indoor track just about 50 minutes before the event, got my chest number very quick, was taken to the locker room and a warm up area by nice people

So, thank you very much for this competition, it was very well organized

One could read a little more about the history of this competition here:


(in Russian only)

And now a little bit about the race:

Well, I almost got late 😄😊😊😊

I did not change the time on my watch after I left Ekaterinburg and I lived the whole day by Ekaterinburg time

but Omsk has +1 hour!

The start was at 16:05.  I had a lunch and was wandering around the city going to attend a history museum

It was right before the history museum when I realized that now the time is +1 hour and I have to rush home, change, take the competition gear and go to the track ASAP

Thank god I realized that! Got lucky indeed ☺

I made it to the track just about 50 minutes before the start

Got the chest number, changed,… – it was only about 30 minutes left for the warm up

Did some jog and some short drills

I had to run 2000m today competing against some fast guys including Yuriy Kloptcov (he actually was the one who won, and I got 4th)

As it usually the case for me, I begin the season with a pretty slow first race but then progress gradually race after race

I expected the same this time too

Also, I had no idea how my body will react on the 3 moth long training camp at the altitude

This was an experiment for me and I did not know what to expect after this

And I have come back from the altitude just yesterday!

So, I did not hope to run fast this race, I considered this race more like a time-trial

And it turned out to be not that bad actually…

I expected the time around 5:25 – and this was exactly what I eventually got!

I felt about average, 3 out of 5, perhaps

The legs felt kind of heavy, the upper body is very stiff – pretty common feeling after coming down from altitude

I took it very easy the first lap – 35 seconds

Then I did two laps at a comfortable pace and found the speed I needed

I got about 2:49 – 2:50 for the first thousand meters

I was happy to see that the leaders did not took off right away too and started it easy

This allowed not to fall too far back in behind

They increased the speed after 1000m into the race and this was the time when I got closer to the leaders too

At that moment I was already 4th or 5th , Yuriy Kloptcov was leading

At the two laps to go the leaders changed the gears and speeded up a lot, I did the same but unfortunately did not get any faster – as I was driving on the 3d gear the whole second part of the race, so did I finish on the same gear 😕


I made no attempts to fight back Artur Elizbaryan who passed me on the last straight away, I simply had no speed to do that, and so I missed 10 000 rubles awarded for the 3d place 😕

By the way, I did not even know that any money were awarded at this race, but even if I did I wouldn’t change anything – I would not go out any faster the first half and I could not go any faster the second half 🤗

I did not work on my speed yet this season, I felt hopeless on the last lap

But overall, I was satisfied with the race

The result was the exact same as I was expecting

I did a 10 minutes rest after the race and then did 5 by 200m / 200m jog

The 200s were at about 30 sec each and the 200m jog were at 2 minutes

Pretty good first race, and we keep training further

My next race will be perhaps the Ural Region Championships in Chelyabinsk, on January 14

and for now, I cam home to my parents house for Christmas and the New Years

I will be here for the next couple of weeks )

Everybody have a good run and fast seconds this indoor season! 🚀

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