15-th, 16-th, and 17-th weeks of Veggie_Miles

This is the beginning of a new year. You have been given this year to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do this year is important because you are exchanging a whole year of your life for it. When next year comes, this year will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something good 🙏

A lot has happened for the past three weeks for me…

I came back to Russia after the 3 month long training camp at altitude, I ran an indoor race, I came to my father’s home for Christmas break…

My body is getting adjusted to the new climate now, so I do not push too hard on the runs, I am letting the body gradually get used to the new conditions

Also, since this is being the holidays week, I am also taking it easier, because all the thoughts are about holidays now, and about spending time with my dad, not about the training 😉

After all, I just had a race last week, so I need to let the body to recover from it too  🙂

In other words, I am taking this week very very easy 🙂

I have been training this week at a fire department indoor track facility🚒🔥

It has two  100m straightaways  without a banked turn, or without any turn frankly speaking… there is just a hurdle put at the end of the straightaway and you turn around it

This is my childhood training facility 💙 …  there is now a pretty tight rubber surface hear so one could wear spikes, but I remember the times when the surface here was made out of wood

It was here when I ran my first 1500m at the age of 13 clocking 5:21…    🙂

I did almost none of the regular strength routine this week, but I did one day of barbel workout and two days of hurdles


I will be here for another week or so, and then go to Chelyabinsk to compete at Ural Region Championships

I attach the detailed training logs for the past 3 weeks here:




Everybody go home for christmas and visit your high school track and have a good run these holidays and the whole next year 💙

veggie_miles @ Nefteyugansk, Siberia

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