Ural Region Championships in Chelyabinsk (Jan. 14)

And so, my second race this season and once again a failure. Very big failure. Yuge failure. Grab me by my spikes

UralGUFK, Chelyabinsk – 2017

Some appreciation first:

I would like to thank the city of Chelyabinsk for it has hosted the Ural Region Championships for many years and hosted it this year again

Chelyabinsk was the first big city where I came for a race back when I was 13 years old and was training under coach Vitaliy Semenenko guidance – my first coach

It is cold here 😬 As always.

As always, I could not refuse to walk around downtown a little

I have lots of favorite places here. “Teploteh” ghetto district, Kirsarai and Kaslinskaya street… “Rodnik” shopping mall and others…☺

I am always glad to visit Chelyabinsk for a week or so

Thanks to my friends who hosted me for free for the whole week

They are well known thieves among the Russian track runners, they stole lots of money from many Russian athletes and bought a nice studio (one room) apartment on the 17th stage with a panoramic view on the Mias river and the forest  (just kidding 🙂  )

The indoor track is pretty old and tired, he even survived a piece of famous asteroid crush on it in 2013 if you all remember 🙂

But it is a pretty decent  indoor track facility as by Russian standards

The surface is good and the turn is banked and works just fine for me personally

So, thanks to the indoor track and the director

The organization was well done too. There were many athletes. All the entrance sheets and the results were on-line. Everything was right on time and pretty straightforward. I entered the race a day before the start and was issued the chest number. The race went for 3 days from the morning until the evening. Everything was right on time and they even counted the number of laps to go right (not always the case in Russia 🙂 )

So, thanks to the organization committee

Unfortunately, they did not put me into the fastest heat. Even though I finished 3d here last year and could be pretty competitive this year too

Oh, well. I have to learn how to lead the heat and run by myself too anyways. Right now I am very bad at it though.

I would also like to thank all the people who cheered me up. And who were giving me splits during the race. Unfortunately this did not help me much 😦

Thanks to Sergey Kulpin, Sergey Skudin, coach Tatyana Vladimirovna, coach Natalya Bogdanovna, my friend Kristina the hamster, my friend Ivan Pavlina and all others who cheered me up during the race

And so now a little more about the race:

We ran in the late evening, at 7:30 pm, which I actually like, I have more energy in the evening. I went for a walk in the morning and then just laid in my bed all day long

Considering the latest workout, I was ready to run something about 3:53-3:54 at the moment

But as I said earlier I did not get into the fastest heat and so I had to run it myself. Unfortunately, I am very bad at running by myself. I have the very same story every time I try that: in the second part of the race my mind starts thinking that this pace was too fast for me and that I will start getting lactated now. And when I think this way, it is exactly what happens – the legs get lactated and I slow down. Same story again and again. This is more psychological but I can’t help myself with that. It is just the way it is.

So, I took the lead and was running exactly the 3:52 – 3:53 pace. I was at 2:36 for the 1000m mark. But then the brain commanded to get lactated and the legs followed the order


I got very lactated and slowed down the first two laps just dramatically and ran only 3:59 finishing 2nd in my heat and 5th overall

One good thing about this all,  is that I am happy that I tried to take it myself and lead, even though it did not turn out well this time. But oh well, one day I will learn to take the lead and run fast even by myself

The air was very dry in the indoor track, I got an awful cough and a pain in my throat after the race. I wanted to cough, but could not. Felt like I am going to die  )

I want to also thank all the competitors who raced today. I hope each of them has learned something from today’s race and got a little better

Special thanks to the  https://vk.com/uralathleticsru – a group in the vk.com social network for uploading pictures free of any charge

Everybody have a great run 💙

I will post the detailed training logs soon too ☺

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