18, 19, and 20-th weeks of Veggie_Miles

So hello everybody this time from Moscow already  🖐🏻

I haven’t posted my detailed training logs here for a while – the anti-doping has been taking all of my time and energy

Lots of things have happened these past 3 weeks…

I trained in my hometown Nefteyugansk fire department indoor facility for a week on the New Years, then I went to Almaty for the interview with Hajo Seppelt, then spent a week in Chelyabinsk and ran the Ural Region Championships race in the 1500m

And I spent this whole week in Moscow with my friend. It is a little warmer here, but still pretty cold. It is good to have a friend at whose place you can crush and even train together. It is a small one bedroom apartment, but nice. I have ran alone for a long time, and now I learned once again that running together with someone is a lot more fun. We live in Ochakovo district and run at the Olympic village park on the snow


But I go to CSKA indoor track for the workouts twice a week

I did two decent workouts this week. The first one felt very tough, but the second one felt pretty good

The second one was 3 sets of 3*300m / 1 minute jog in between the 300s and 3 minutes jog in between the sets

1set: 44.6 – 47.0 – 46.7

2 set: 46.2 – 45.5 – 45.8

3set: 46.0 – 46.1 – 46.2

More about it in the detailed training logs at the bottom of this page

Did both of these in the trainers, don’t have track spikes at the moment

Also, here in Moscow there are many vegan stores and cafes. So I don’t have to limit myself to just fruit and vegetables, but I can eat lots of different types of very tasty vegan food. I went to the Jaganat Cafe on Prospekt Mira metro station in downtown Moscow and had this delicious vegan lunch one day


-Quinoa Salad - Lentil Soup ­ Potato Rissole - Lentil Rissole -­ Cherry Kompot 

Also, this week I was invited to talk to ARAF executive director Mr. Parkin. He listened to me and my opinion about what is going on in the Russian track and field the way I see it. It was just a talk, but he did make some notes and offered me some possible ways on how we can go about the coaches and athletes which I believe are dirty and how can we work on getting more proofs. I am glad I did not have to be an Olympic champion to express my view of the problem (like some ARAF officials stated in their interviews about me calling me an «unaccomplished athlete, who has no right to judge the ARAF»

I felt that Mr. Parkin was sincere with me. He is a member of the new team within the ARAF and he demonstrated me his willingness to work on the doping problem in Russia together. I still believe that the old team within the ARAF is a lot stronger than these new guys though, but let’s see what is going to happen next

I gave many interviews this week. Pretty much have been talking to somebody about the doping problem and my opinion about it all day long every day

I feel exhausted, honestly. Sometimes when I read all the negative comments I feel that I don’t want to be doing this any more, but then I see words of encouragement and some jokes and I start feeling better. I hope this will be over soon. At least for me personally

This was a yet another week without any strength work or any recovery treatment

I need to get back to it ASAP

I attach the detailed training logs for the past 3 weeks here:




Wish everybody a good run, as always 🙂

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