Meeting with the IAAF Taskforce

I am happy that my article was noticed and that we made the interview with Hajo Seppelt after that

This even allowed me to come to the IAAF ARAF reinstatement Taskforce meeting led by Rune Andersen in Moscow on January 24



The meeting took place in Sheremetyevo airport in Radison Blu hotel

It was a big pleasure for me to meet all these people. They are working hard to have the Russian athletes back on the international arena as soon as possible, but also to make sure that ARAF actually does conduct the reforms needed to earn its reinstatement in the IAAF

For me personally it was a chance to express my opinion, but I also tried to put together all other opinions I heard from Russian athletes and coaches after my interview with ARD and to present it to the Taskforce

On the not quite positive side I mentioned that there is still very strong interpersonal connections among many coaches and athletes who were part of the old doping system and these people are still working and training

I also mentioned that ARAF has little power on the regional level of Russia and is not always able to enforce its own decisions

On the positive side though, I admitted that after my interview with ARD I was invited to the ARAF by its new government and we had a talk

I admitted that the movement for clean sport that we have started recently in Russia was supported by some ARAF officials, even though not all of them spoke nice about me personally

I expressed my big hope that these first steps between the ARAF officials and the movement of clean sport athletes in Russia will not stop just here, but will go further and the idea of creating anti-doping culture among athletes will be realized in our sport

It was a very pleasant talk, after all

I am happy that I have got a chance to play my part in the ARAF’ reboot

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