21, 22, and 23-d weeks of Veggie_Miles (log)

So, the picture does not really describe the current situation and even quite misleading if we talk about the weather

It looks sunny and nice, but it is in fact cold and the wind is simply devastating

Varenik-sky ***** Beach Resort outdoor track 

These past three weeks I have spent in Moscow fighting against severe Russian frosts, but came back to Varenikovskaya village in Krasnodar region at the end of the third week

I moved to the warm and sunny Virginia in 2009 and then moved to the most southern state of Russia in 2014. Both of these are a sub-tropical type of climate and I got used to it.

I like the sunlight, a warm weather, and fresh fruit and vegetables

So, in Moscow, when it is cold and there is snow everywhere, and I can’t afford training in the indoor track often, it takes me an enormous motivation to go outside and have at least the regular distance run done

It is extremely cold. Very cold. Yuge cold.

I even started wondering why could not my Slavic ancestors stay at the Adriatic sea when they got there one day? I wouldn’t mind be a Bosnian or a Croatian – all slavic anyways, but would live in the South right now and wouldn’t have to undergo that torture of the January Moscow frosts

In short, it is really cold. And I can’t stand it at all. I don’t know how to put myself together and go for a run when it is so cold outside. Sometimes I sit down on a couch before dressing up for a run and almost go on crying. Recently I discovered that it is helpful to read Patre Nostre out loud two or three times right before I go for a run

It gives me power…

I am also emotionally exhausted from all the lies and negative statements about me on the federal channels. They come from everywhere – starting with the people who has no or little relation to track and field at all, and all the way up to deputy prime minister of Russia – Mr. Mutko

Instead of welcoming the such needed whistleblowing culture in our sport, they pour tons of insults on me, play their stupid game and come together to protect the old doping system in Russia and the people who belonged to it

I am so tired of these idiots. Why would they not just shut up and leave (a rhetoric question…)


I got so ill right on the day before the meeting with IAAF task-force three weeks ago…

And after that I missed a lot of training. I am not sure what exactly was the cause, is it the running outside in such cold weather, or is it the emotional stress and only 4 hours of sleep in fever for the past 3 weeks, but I have lost the battle against the flue in my body and got ill

I have missed a lot of training, and even when I did go out for a run, it was more like just an attempt to do at least something, not a real training. These three weeks were almost empty for me training-wise

I try to think about Arjuna, who humbly obeyed the lord Krishna and went on a fight against his own brother – Karna Pandava as was prescribed by his karma


PICTURE: http://www.columbia.edu/itc/mealac/pritchett/00routesdata/bce_299_200/mahabharata/karna/karna.html

I also try and bear this all, and forgive the people who, as I think, are simply misguided

I try to keep in mind how our God suffered through everything and forgave everyone

And then it is getting worse and worse…

«Gott ist tot» – says one of those imaginary friends in my head…

And now we have to deal with it whichever way each of us is able to.

Whether it is fighting for what you believe in, against the whole system, not sleeping well for an entire moth in fever and cold, or going for your distance runs twice a day in severe Russian frosts – it is just the way it is. Deal with it.

Anyways again, everyone has his/her own excuses…

Some people say that they got sick right before the race, others say they had put too much effort into the pre-race warm-up, yet others say they have overtrained when they were at the altitude…

For me at the moment it looks somewhat like that:

  1. Well, may be I am just a looser
  2. Not sure now if the 3 month in the mountains was a good idea and that I did it the right way. I am almost sure now that I did overtrain there and now it is holding me back a lot
  3. Those lies and insults about me coming from everywhere is taking me down
  4. An endless worry and 4 hours of sleep each night for the past month
  5. Got ill and had to take almost a week of complete off
  6. Severe, inhuman frosts outside which I absolutely can’t stand

n. …

Sorry to make it sound so miserable, but that is just the way it was for me for the past month and these 3 weeks of training

I did almost nothing training-wise

At the moment, I simply dream about a sunny and warm place to run, somewhere far from Russia,  where I can forget about all these jerks and about this doping scandals, and just concentrate on training to finally reach my full potential in athletics

I wish everybody a good run and a little bit of sarcasm and a sense of humor, even if it is a black humor

I attach the detailed training logs for the past 3 weeks, even though there is not much to see there




veggie_athletics @ Varenik-Sky***** Beach Resort


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