10k time trial and 24th week of veggie_miles (log)

Why would I not just go ahead and run a 10k time trial – I wondered ☺

More precisely, a friend of mine – Vasiliy Permitin,  had a 10k time trial in his training, and Eugene  and I decided to join him

The plan was pretty easy – just stick with Vasiliy for as long as we could

We ran it in downtown Moscow along the Moscow River – from Luzniki Olympic Stadium to Peter the Great memorial and then turn around – 10k altogether with some gradual hills

The pavement was wet and there was a little wind, but it is a lot better than running on the snow like we all got used to through the winter

I began feeling it is hard after about 4k into it

I thought I can hang in there for at least another 2k

But surprisingly for myself, I managed to run all the way through 10k and clocked a 31 flat for this time trial 👍 👍👍


It is a good time for  me as I haven’t done almost none of the training for the past two month

Everybody have a great run 💙

Try and just go for a 10k time trial out of a certain one day, why not ? ☺

I also attach the 25-th week of training below 👇

It was two weeks ago and it was one of the worst ones for me this winter


veggie_miles @ Moscow

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