Army, policeman, and 2 strange dudes

On February 22,  I checked in to a “LETO” Hostel in Anapa city, Krasnodar region, to stay there overnight before my flight to Moscow on the next day. On the next morning 4 men including one policemen entered the Hostel lobby and asked me to show my ID. One of them told me that he is the Head of the local Army recruitment office. They did not however show me their ID.

They told me that I must sign a paper saying that I am obligated to report to the army recruitment office on February 27. I refused to sign the paper because I did not completely understand what exactly the paper means, and because I am leaving to Moscow and cannot report to the office on February 27.

They were very rude to me except one man, who played a role of the «kind police officer».

They took away my passport and were not going to give it back to me. When I tried to take my passport back they tackled me holding both my arms behind my back and dropped me down to a couch which was right there. They threatened that if I don’t sign the paper they will put me in jail right now.

I was scared and did not want to sign the paper. This all continued going on for about an hour, until I eventually signed it. I pointed to the camera and told them that everything was recorded. They did not like it and looked at each other, but did not say anything.

After they had left, a police car has remained there for at least another 15 minutes when I went to complete my run. When I came back from my run the police car was gone. I left to Moscow on the same evening.

I called the administrator of the hostel on the next morning asking to save the video which the camera has recorded. She said that she is willing to provide me with the video, but I have to wait until Monday because it is now holidays in Russia. I asked her to make sure that the video is saved and is not erased and re-recorded automatically.

I called the administrator again on Monday and she said that the video is gone. She said she is unsure whether the video was extracted by someone or erased automatically by the camera.

I believe that the police extracted the video while I was at my run on the same day.

Now, I do admit that I failed to report to the Army recruitment office to let them put my data into their system when I had moved to the Krasnodar region and changed my current living address. However, this is not a criminal charge. By failing to do so, I broke the Administrative Law and can face a $10 fine. This is it. I have never hided away from the army, I have never signed any of their papers. I never reported to the recruitment office, which, I repeat, is not a criminal charge.

The four guys who somehow caught me at a Hostel threatened me that if I don’t sing this paper now they will put me in jail.

I told them that these are sanctions against me because of my recent interview to ARD.

They looked at each other but did not say anything in response.

And than one of them asked me: «why are you doing all this»?

I said: «because I do have a conscious».

He started yelling something wired. He was the one leading the whole process. He was aware of who I am and about my case. He has been rude to me and threatened to throw me in jail right now many times. The other guy was trying to be calm and convince me to sign the paper and report to their office.

It is important to notice that since I never reported to the local recruitment office they did not have any information about me. My local recruitment office did not even know that such a person exist until the couple days ago!

So my question is how did they, out of a certain, find me at a random hostel I had just checked in?

This all has happened within the next couple of days after Rune Andersen wrote his e-mail to the ARAF, expressing his concerns about me and sanctions I had already been facing at that time.

Also, right before this incident, my relatives and my friends told me they have been called on their phones and asked about my current location.

The governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (a state where I grew up) – Komarova Natalya Vladimirovna


contacted the Youth Sports School I attended while I was in the middle school and required them to provide a written explanation for my case (who I am, and why do I talk so much?) and about my current location.

Right after Rune Andersen wrote his e-mail to the ARAF to express his concerns, on the next day at a meeting Mr. Parkin asked one of my comrades: «Is Dmitriev really unmanageable at all?». And received a positive answer to that.

This is certainly the sanctions I continue to face and the Army recruitment office was used only as a front cover to make it look like it is not related to my interview with the ARD. I am absolutely sure this was all done by the «call from above» as it is always the case in Russia.

They forced me to sign the paper and let me go to Moscow because I told them I have a very important meeting set up (an interrogation) with the Investigation Committee of Russia in Moscow that coming week. They let me go on the condition that I will be reporting step by step about my current location and I must report to the recruitment office ASAP.

They extracted the recorded video to hide their faces and their misconduct against me.

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