On March 6, 2017 I had to meet with an officer of the Investigation Committee of Russia in Moscow. I had to do it against my will because the Justice system in Russia is awfully corrupted and is functioning only to protect the Putin’s regime, but not the people. The officers in Russia never lose a chance to take a bribe and do it systematically to enrich themselves. The common folks like me have no chances to get a fair hearing. Thus, I could not even hope for any objectivity and impartiality. And yet I had to go.

The investigation officer was Krasnovskaya Lyudmila Vladimirovna.

You will be surprised just like I was but she resembles Natalya Poklonskaya a lot!


She is acting exactly like her, talking and moving like her! It was creepy to see such resemblance!

She started of pretty calm, but than out of a certain she started yelling and provoking me.

She would not listen to what I say, not let me finish my answers, but rather she would answer her own questions herself, flipping everything upside down.

I was being interrogated as a witness, but she treated me like if I was a criminal and like if I was the one who is responsible for the doping system in Russia. She called me a snitch and a slanderer. She would interrupt me and rephrase my answers in her own words, putting it into a different context.

At a moment she raised her voice again and said: «How are you feeling now being a snitch? Do you know that in Russia we don’t like the snitches? How are you going to live with that? Does your conscious allow you to be a snitch and you are feeling fine now»?

She was protecting the system, while blaming Stepanovs and Rodchenkov, calling them traitors. She said that the only person in Russia who gave doping to our athletes was Rodchenkov.

She asked me if I stay in touch with the Stepanovs and Mr. Rodchenkov? She also asked me if I believe that what is written in the Mr. McLaren reports is true. I said that I do not know Mr. Rodchenkov, but I am staying in touch with the Stepanovs of course. And to her question about the Mr. McLaren reports I said that I have read both of the reports and I have no doubt that everything written there is absolutely right and true.

In my turn, I did not lose a chance to ask her what as she thinks has happened to Nikita Kamaev and why? She did not answer, but gave me a hateful look instead, to demonstrate that she did not like that question coming from me.

She also asked me how and why I contacted Mr. Hajo Seppelt. She asked me his phone number, his e-mail, and Skype account. I refused to give it to her, and she did not like that either.

She asked me how much did I get paid by Hajo Seppelt and by WADA and I said that I did not get paid anything for that; my only motivation was the cause of clean sport, not the money.

She then printed 3 or 4 pages of my indications and let me read over it. I was shocked how much she has changed the meanings of all my words! She would just take some of my words, flip it upside down, and put it into a whole different context! These were my words, but the words were put into a different context or they were made misleading! I did have to sign it though, because I was trying to pretend that I am cooperating with them at that time, so they do not arrest me right away and so I can sneak out of the country when I get my visa.

After this meeting I lost my last hope to bring anything positive into the Russian track and field and our war on doping.

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