Peter the Pig, and the 25, 26 and 27-th weeks of the Veggie_Miles (log)

Now being at a relatively safe place I can afford myself some irony here…

My friends from the Rocket Science Project, who live in Moscow, let me stay at their apartment for the entire last month, and helped me with everything I needed including food, money and simply words of encouragement

Now, I am not sure if this was a symbolic «hi» to me from a parallel world, or just a coincidence, but in the stairways of their apartment, right next to the elevator on our level, a little toy tractor has been standing for the entire month


This little tractor, just like the one that Peter the Pig had – is a symbol of emigration from Russia in search of a better life


I must admit that I did not plan to leave Russia, I did not plan to become a whistleblower,  I did not plan anything that has happened to me, I did not even have a traveling passport and was not able to obtain one due to the fact that I haven’t served in the Russian army

But I was dragged into this story step by step and may be one day I will sit down in a calm place and summarize this all in a well written paper, but for now, I just have to state the fact that I had to leave my home country Russia due to being in a danger and receiving threats

This little toy tractor sort of has been giving me a hint every day and even twice or four times a day – every time I saw this little tractor I kept in mind that one day I might have to flee Russia

Anyways, I had to pay a lawyer to get me a traveling passport and I am not sure if he did that in a legal way or not quite so legal

I have no idea how was he able to get me a passport bypassing the army recruitment guys, but he did, and he took around $500 from me and the process took him a month

That whole moth I was worrying and feeling nervous about all these weird things going on in my life lately

I was afraid that I might get arrested any time and have a criminal case fabricated against me and will join the countless brave people who experienced sanctions and pressure from the Russian Government for their nonconformity

To be honest, I am not brave or may be just not in this particular case.

I do not have any illusions about the work of the Russian law enforcement system and I have no doubt that I would undergo violence and my human rights violation if I was only arrested and put in jail

This would be a purposeless heroism that nobody needs and I decided that I am not doing it

I chose to leave and try and begin a new life

The last week I had to report to the Army recruitment office where I am sure my problems would begin if I did report. Instead, I called them and made different excuses and sent them written explanations why was I not able to come. Just to win some time…

Also the last week I had to meet with the investigator officer where my problems did in fact begin

Also last week I had a stranger following me and watching me at my father’s apartment

This all could not continue any further, I have been worrying all day long every day and was not able to sleep at nights

I appreciate all the people who has helped me by giving money and especially my brother rat and a good friend ever since the STP 2009 – Booth Hornsby, who once again took care of me when I once again got into trouble and who bought me a one way plane ticket to a nearest possible flight to somewhere far away from Russia

Now I feel relatively safe here

It is very hot and humid here

If I do run, I get up at 5 am and run to Big Buddha – about 5 miles, 3 of which are up-hill

So far my training is simple:

-running away from KGB

-running short on money

-running to Big Buddha to thank him in my prayer for being so blessed in my life

-running up hill – is a power endurance type of workout with the HR getting up to 160 or even 170 and a good strength work is being done at the same time

There is also a loop around a lake where lots of runners do their jogging in the morning and evenings but it takes me 6 miles just to get there, so I can’t do it that often

The best option, if not to step on the broken seashells of course, is just running on the beach itself

The sand is soft and the water is cool and refreshing – amazing indeed 🌴🏄😜


Very high heat and humidity make it very hard to train here

I am also in a constant search of a job and sometimes I work up until midnight at a night club

So getting up at 5 am after a long day for your run is not easy, but I do it from time to time because I do want to keep on training

One day I will overcome this all and get to a competitive level again, but for now, just trying not to give up and stay positive

Blessed to have my friend and a classmate from our elementary school to host me and letting me stay at his small room even though he is also not in the best financial conditions at the moment

And I do still believe my dreams  😉

Everybody have a good run 💚

Stand for what you believe in

And don’t give up yet

I attach the three previous weeks of training that I had done before fleeing Russia




#seemyrun #vegan #vegetarian

#run #running #runner

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