28, 29, and 30-th Weeks of Veggie_Miles (log)

It just turned out to be that way that the friend who is voluntarily hosting me for free right now is living at one of the most partying places in the world  🌴🏄😜 😜

The party here is cosmopolitan and goes on for 24/7/365

The people who go for a morning run catch the amazed sights of the people who just left a night club 🙂

I am not the biggest fan of partying, honestly

Plus, I am not in the best conditions and the mood to party right now.

But last week my friend eventually dragged me into it and I did relax for a while and had some fun 😜

And yet, I see it as a sort of challenge for myself:

The place where people from all over the world come to party and spend money, you overcome yourself, and instead of partying, you work, and even go for a run before or after the work from time to time 🙂

One need to have a good will and keep his dreams in the mind in order to do that

I work until 1 am at a night club selling tickets to the open bar, while I know that the best time to go for a run here is 5 – 6 am when it is not hot and not as humid yet 🙂

So, you get a couple hours of sleep and then go do your morning run

I don’t do much now, honestly

It is usually just an easy 8-10 miles run and I also started doing some strength last week

I should probably at least add short strides of 100 – 150m after each run and a long run once a week

After the run I have some more time to sleep, and at about 11 am – 16 pm my friends wakes up 🙂

We then go wondering around the town in search of any job

Usually, it is renting something and leasing it again to charge a commission, or sell something with a commission 🙂

And at 8 pm we go to work at our night club again and work there until  12 or 1 am

My friend usually stays and parties after the work is over, but I prefer to go home and get some sleep before my morning run at 6 am

But not always 😉

Oh yeh, an interesting way to make some money here too:

I asked a local lady to play the role of my manager and challenge some runners on the beach to race me

Provided I am really out of shape right now and do not even look like a runner, we were able to drag two young boxers into our challenge who believed they can beat me

We bet 100 local currencies each to race “from here and to the end of the beach” and I easily won the two young boys (approximately 1000 meters) 🙂


I shared my award with the «manager»  and made some money for myself too 🙂

I hope IAAF does not consider this as me participating at a tournament outside of Russia, as I am currently a banned and suspended athlete too  🙂

Anyways, I attach my training logs here without details and comments now, so not to reveal my precise location 😦




And I once again appreciate all the people who have been helping me out with anything and everything these last 4 months and I still keep my dreams in the mind and refuse to quit

Guard your dreams no matter what

and have a great run everybody

#veggie_miles in escape

#seemyrun #vegan #vegetarian
#run #running #runner

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