Hello! My name is Oksana

And I am here to talk about my experience of being a vegetarian athlete too 🙂

From now on, this blog will be a little less useful for the professional runners, but a little more interesting for the amateur athletes with various goals, including the vegetarians who doubt whether they should/can exercise, and the athletes who doubt whether they can/should switch to the vegetarian diet 🙂

Andrey will continue to share his training (no matter what will be happening to him 😉 ) while I will be talking about the joy of running and being a vegetarian 🙂


I have been running for 7 years now

I know personally what it is like to run a half-marathon, a 30k and even a full 42,195

I once attempted the vegetarian diet to lose some weight, honestly, but that feeling of release and ease after I went vegetarian has helped me to not ever come back to eating non-vegetarian again 🙂

And as you can see, I am not dying out of lack of protein in my diet or anything like that, and even run the long distance races which I mentioned above, being already a vegetarian 🙂

I love running a 10k before breakfast, and some longer runs after breakfast

I like doing 3+ hours of training just to enjoy the process of it

I admit that I cannot really call myself an advocate of that completely healthy life style that many people adopt, but I can sure advocate the greatest pleasure of running and being a vegetarian 😉

I share my training log for the past week here:

Monday: 1 mile + drills + jumps + 1 mile

Tuesday: 5 miles + drills + 4*400m / 200m jog + hurdles + cool down

Wednesday: 5 miles + drills + 3k time trial + some strength routine + could down 1 mile

Thursday: rest

Friday: 6 miles + drills + 5*500m / 300m jog + hurdles + cool down

Saturday: 8 miles + stretching

Total: 6 days of training, 40 miles

You all have a good run 💚

#Veggie_marathon @ Pskov

#seemyrun #vegan #vegetarian #run #running #runner

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