Why would you run?

Why would you run?

I had one of my non-athlete friend asking me once: «So, you just run for the whole 3 hours at practice»?

I was surprised by such a question and began answering with confidence: «naaaah, of course not! I first do a distance run outside, then I do lots of drills, then I do some specific speed running… you know…»

And it was only then when I realized that I actually do run the whole practice and not doing lots of interesting things like I have thought 🙂

The same feeling of astonishment arises in me when I hear questions like: «Why would you even run»?  or «Why do you like sport so much»?

And yes, I will never make money in sport, it is not my main job. Instead, I spend my money on it – buying gear and registering for races

And no, I am not really getting any skinnier from running, my body composition remains about the same 😉

And I will never raise my ego with my performance results – I am pretty weak ever since I was born, I always close up the results sheets 😉

But I freaking love running! Just keep training more and more!  Why?

My first motivation is very personal. When I realized that I will not become an athlete at any sports, I started dreaming about becoming a sports journalist. When I was 15, I joined a training group. My coach had tried me at each and every event of the track and field, when he finally gave up and told me that I better run for pleasure and be a good journalist. I am sure though that the experience of attending training camps, racing at the competitions, healing the injures, ets. gave me a more thorough understanding of my sport, which other sports journalists don’t have

And so I did become a journalist, and I even did my first interview with a newspaper that I have read myself ever since I was a child

I can come up with a million other reasons why do I run

Any distance run – is a sort of mediation for each person who cannot just sit still on his bud  and has a burr under his saddle 🙂

Or ff you ever have that feeling of lots of unrelated things just going on on your mind and you can’t concentrate – go for a run!

If you are bothered by something or cannot stop thinking about something – go for a run!

You will be surprised how all these things will appear in a different light for you after you run

A healthy life is the most full life. It is hard to get into a good shape but it is worth it. Think about going to travel in a good shape for example… Your body can manage anything – walk all day long, climb up a nearest hill, swim as much as you need, bike as far as you need, etc. One day of such adventures worth more than a week of a bus tour. Trust me.

And when you do interval repeats you learn to be calm and persistent.

Imagine doing a 8 by 400m / 100m jog for example…

The 400s are hard. They are always hard!

You are running that 5th or 6th repeat and are promising yourself that this one is the last repeat, cause you are not feeling well today, you are tired, your legs are heavy, you don’t breath ok today… and so you will just finish this one and you are done for today, because it is just way too hard today, you will lay on the track for like 20 minutes after that, and may be never even run at all again – that’s how much you are in pain…

But then you get your 100m jog and OK now, here you go, beginning your next 400m repeat all calmed down and motivated again 🙂

And it goes on and on like this until you finish the whole workout and get that unique feeling of accomplishing something great today

We are capable to achieve what we sometimes cannot even imagine. Not long ago I could not even imagine that I will ever finish a half-marathon. The decision to have it done was a big one for me. I worried a lot and could not even think about what will happen out of this idea.

And now, 21k is a pretty regular long distance run for me, which I do occasionally

The word «Marathon» itself contains some magic in it, which makes many people be afraid that they will never be able to have it done. “A Marathon” sounds just way over their capabilities. They don’t realize that actually anybody can do it and that feeling when you have it done is priceless 🙂

If you made it all the way down here to these words, then you probably realize that I can come up with a new reason to go for a run on each new run 🙂

Are you still in a doubt whether you should start running?

Well, just go for a run and try to think about many reasons that I haven’t mentioned here yet 😉

By the way, I enjoy my current training right now and it feels quite easy for me, and so I have set a new goal for myself!

I have a yet another marathon coming up for me, it is right on the top of my nose (very soon)  🙂

I now stopped in my lovely Saint- Petersburg for a little while, so I am saying “hi” to everybody from our «Winter Stadium»


Thank you all who are at the training camps right now, we’ve got a lot more fresh air and space here now as all you are gone 🙂

My training log for the past week:

Mn: 5 miles + 2 miles + drills + cool down 1 miles

Wd: 5 miles + 4 miles + drills + jumps + cool down

Th: Easy 3 miles

St: 18 miles long run + drills

Sn: 5 miles + bike 25 minutes

5 days of running = 40 miles Total

Everybody have a great run 💙

#Veggie_marathon @ St. Petersburg

#seemyrun #vegan #vegetarian

#run #running #runner

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