Injures and more…

When I was preparing for my first ever marathon I kept in mind that my goal is not to run the 42,195, but to put all my thoughts together in my head and make my mind a better place to live at

At that time, I already had a long history of injures, big and small, all of which took their roots solely in my head

The decision to complete a half-marathon was a big thing in my life. And so, I did not actually run it

I had this goal in my head, talked about it to everybody, was overthinking a lot, and eventually got very ill right on the eve of my first marathon and did not show up for the start. I had it done later though

And then I had the very same story with my first 30k

Out of a certain, once I got close to the race day, my knee began hurting a lot and I decided I should better not to run that race. The pain completely disappeared with no intervention on my part though, as soon as the race day passed

That feeling when you are in a very decent shape at the moment, but have to stop training and sit at home due to an injury is indeed awful

You body does not understand what is going on, why it was put into such challenging training at first, and is not being put into a race now after all such training?

Your mind does not understand what is going on either. Why there were so much of thinking and worrying about the race, if the race did not happen eventually? This feeling, perhaps, is directly opposite to the feeling of a full harmony for your mind and body.

You are just scattered all over the place.

And it takes even more time and effort to prepare for a marathon, so I could not afford the same things happen to me right before my marathon.

My true goal was not even to complete the marathon, but to at least show up for the start. If only I start, then I will make it all the way through – I thought to myself.

Beforehand, I had read the book «Your First Marathon». The book is about the same things which I am trying to talk about here too – enjoying the run, and not thinking much about the result (even though the result is also important). I will be honest to say that I did not get much out of this book in terms of training tools. The book is aimed at the beginners. But I got a lot from it in terms of psychology and mental preparation for a race.

The injury history of all my traumas was about the same every single time:

1-something happening in my life

2 – an attempt to forget about my problems through training

3 – overtraining because of number 2 above

4 – a week of laying in my bed being sick

The main idea which I learned from the book was that one can prepare for a marathon with as little as only 4 days of training per week.

Ans so I decided to do only 4 practices per week. Let them be longer, a little harder, take more time, but only four of them, not more.


As a result, I did not get sick or injured before my marathon! (And by the way, I am still not, over a year since that time)

I run more often than 4 days зук week now, but still taking my feelings after each particular practice into consideration more seriously, and take a 1-2 days off per week regularly.

So, when «I was not able» to get an overtraining or get sick before my race this time, my head started thinking about the knee again 🙂

At that time I was just repeating my mantra: «okey, my little knee, you get as much rest as you need, I have enough endurance to finish the race, so just tell me how much rest do you need to not get hurt»

Eventually my pre-race warm-up felt so hard for me, but the actual 30k race on the next day felt like a piece of cake 🙂

Ayurveda says that one will not be able to overcome an illness if he/she does not accept it (the illness) in his/her head first. This thing probably has more to do with God, but there is something interesting in this idea I believe…

From my own experience, I know it now that most of the injuries and traumas take their roots in our heads. It is more psychology than anything else.

The worst one can do in such a case is to try and cheat yourself by repeating that everything is ok. Trying to convince yourself that your injury is not actually that bad, and will heal very soon just give it some time.

Anyways, the biggest achievement for me personally was to fall asleep on the eve of my first marathon, just as usual, at about midnight, not worrying and overthinking, and, thank God, not being sick this time

Maybe this sounds like a little careless and irresponsibly for a future champion, but I think it is better to show what you are capable of, even though may be lose the race, rather than not to show up to the start line at all 🙂

And yeah, what about my training – the town of Pskov welcomed me with such a stunning weather that I almost killed myself there right on the very first practice 🙂

I enjoyed the sunny weather so much, that I just did not want to leave the track and kept on running

To not get into any more troubles though, I have asked my coach to provide me with a training plan and will try and follow it rigorously from now on 😉

I attach my training log for the past week here:

M: 2 miles + drills with hurdles + 5*1000m + easy CD

Tu: 4 miles + drills with hurdles + 6*600m / 100m jog + 100m walk + CD + 25’ on the bike

W: 5 miles

F: 6 miles

St: Strength routine + 6 miles + jumps + hurdles + CD + bike 12’

Sn: 8 miles. Stretching

6 practices, 42 miles

I wish everybody to put his/her thoughts together during a run and have a good one 🙂

#Veggie_marathon @ Pskov

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