Karma Running

Running can help you with anything. Whatever it is on your mind – just go for a run. I got into a pretty bad accident on a motorbike recently, haven’t been able to even limp for some days. I had my laptop stolen at a hostel. I had to live the country and do a visa run, but then was denied the entry and got stuck in between two countries in the dark and under the rain. So many times people tried to cheat on me here. But on the other hand, there were people who has helped me generously, not wishing anything in return. Gave me a ride for free, for example. Helped to find a location in their home town, where I was trying to get to. Let me stay at their place for free. And even took me out of the police department when I got into trouble. I used to take this all seriously. I would always get too emotional about things, and always worry a lot.
It was the same with my training. I have always overthought my training process, put too much emphasis on the consistency and the systemic approach. I thought: “either everything, or nothing”, wanted the things be always ideal, and if something did not go the way I had planned, I would get out of my peace, break the consistency, only to start it over again right after. These desires, emotions and attachment to the things create karma.
I now take it all differently. I am happy to use every little chance to go for a run. Even if it is after a sleepless night spent on a bench at a bus station or a night club with my eyes barely open. The system is not important​ any more. In fact, nothing is important. I don’t even set goals for myself now. I just go for a run and enjoy it. Same with the rest of my life: I don’t paint the people and events in my life into good or bad, I just accept them the way they are.
Moderation and calmness is something I have always lacked and running now helps me to learn these traits deeper.
Sort of a karma yoga. Just don’t over think, don’t put too much of emotions into the things, accept them the way they are, and observe your own life from aside.

Running helps with everything.

#veggie_miles @ excile

#run #running #vegan #seemyrun

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