Hello! My name is Oksana

And I am here to talk about my experience of being a vegetarian athlete too From now on, this blog will be a little less useful for the professional runners, but a little more interesting for the amateur athletes with various goals, including the vegetarians who doubt whether they should/can exercise, and the athletes who doubt whether they can/should switch to the vegetarian diet Andrey will … Continue reading Hello! My name is Oksana

Peter the Pig, and the 25, 26 and 27-th weeks of the Veggie_Miles (log)

Now being at a relatively safe place I can afford myself some irony here… My friends from the Rocket Science Project, who live in Moscow, let me stay at their apartment for the entire last month, and helped me with everything I needed including food, money and simply words of encouragement Now, I am not sure if this was a symbolic «hi» to me from … Continue reading Peter the Pig, and the 25, 26 and 27-th weeks of the Veggie_Miles (log)


On March 6, 2017 I had to meet with an officer of the Investigation Committee of Russia in Moscow. I had to do it against my will because the Justice system in Russia is awfully corrupted and is functioning only to protect the Putin’s regime, but not the people. The officers in Russia never lose a chance to take a bribe and do it systematically … Continue reading Interrogation